FastLane History

Our Journey Through Time

In 1972, R.G. and Betty Baker embarked on an extraordinary journey when they founded First Capitol Oil in St. Charles, MO. Their initial focus was on selling fuel oil and lubricants, but their vision reached far beyond that. With unwavering dedication, they ventured into direct gasoline marketing and soon acquired their very first service station.

A Union of Ambition

Fast forward to 1984, a pivotal year for our family and our company. R.G. and his eldest son, Wayne, seized the opportunity to purchase Warrenton Oil Company, a move that would shape the course of our business. First Capitol Oil evolved into a thriving division of Warrenton Oil Company. The road to success was open.

Westward Expansion

By 1993, we set our sights on the west, acquiring the Columbia operations of Davis Oil. The expansion journey had begun, and we were ready to take on new challenges. Acquisition and fresh station start-ups became the norm, symbolizing our unwavering commitment to growth and service.

A Family Legacy

Notably, all eight of R.G. and Betty's children have actively contributed to the company's progress. Their shared dedication and hard work have been the driving force behind our evolution.

FastLane: Our Pride and Passion

Today, Warrenton Oil Company has blossomed into one of the most ambitious and fastest-growing oil companies in our region. Our diverse family of business includes Warrenton Oil Company, FastLane convenience stores, food service / delis, car washes, restaurants, and three hotel locations. As part of this family, FastLane embodies our pride and passion. More than just a convenience store, it's a reflection of our commitment to serving our community.