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Why should I become a FL Wash Member?

Unlock cost savings and prioritize your vehicle’s well-being with a FL Wash membership. Our focus on regular maintenance washes for cars and trucks is paramount in vehicle care, eliminating harmful elements such as salt and bugs. These washes not only protect paint but also preserve appearance, enhance visibility, and optimize overall vehicle health. Join us for a membership that goes beyond savings, ensuring your vehicle stays in top-notch condition.

How do I sign up for an FL Wash Membership?

  1. Download the FastLane app if you don’t already have it
  2. Open the app on your phone and access the FL Wash section
  3. Select your preferred package
  4. Follow the instructions to start your membership. 

Where can I use my FL Wash Membership?

  • Car Wash: Use your membership at any FL Wash automatic car wash location. Find the nearest location using our store locator on our website or in the app.
  • Truck Wash: Use your membership at 3535 Spoede Lane, Truesdale, MO.

Where is the PupWash located?

We have two (2) PupWash locations:

  • FastLane Z&N in Wentzville
  • FastLane Muegge in St. Charles

What vehicles are ideal for the FL TruckWash?

Our FL TruckWash is safe for semi-trucks and trailers, fuel tankers, motorhomes, travel trailers, equipment on flatbed trailers and more.

How frequently can I use my membership to wash my vehicle?

The FL Wash fair usage policy allows:

  • Car Wash members to wash their cars twice (2x) daily
  • Truck Wash members up to six (6x) times per month.

Trouble activating your wash?

Please check the following: 

  • Ensure your phone has both your location and mobile service turned on.
  • Confirm you’re at a participating location through the store locator.

Note: If the problem persists, use the bug report form in the app or call us at 636.235.7022.

When will I be billed for my FL Wash Membership?

Your monthly payment date is set on the day you sign up. The plan auto-renews monthly on that date. You can update to a different FL Wash membership or cancel anytime before the next billing date.

Having payment issues?

When having payment issues, we recommend the following:

  • Verify your payment method with Stripe.
  • Ensure your information is correct.
  • Make sure your card has not expired.

Note: If problems persist, use the bug report form in the app or call us at 636.235.7022.

How do I cancel my FL Wash Membership?

  1. In the FastLane app, navigate to the FL Wash section.
  2. Tap the  “Manage Subscription” button
  3. Select the “Change/Cancel Subscription” Option
  4. Tap “Cancel Subscription” button

Note: If the feature is not available in your app, use the bug report form in the app or call us at 636.235.7022.

If I cancel my FL Wash plan, will I receive a refund?

No, your plan will remain active until the day before your next billing date.